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As the amount of customer and operational information stored by organizations continues to rise, so does the complexity of managing that data. Coding Union has database experts available to tackle all aspects of data management, database design, diagnostics, performance tuning, monitoring, remote and ongoing administration, etc.

About MS SQL

  • MS SQL is a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) developed by Microsoft. Typically, it includes a relational database engine, which stores data. It is a multidimensional database used to query data from the main database engine.
  • It is a widely popular database solution used today, and one of its strongest advantages is its ease of use.
  • MS SQL contains many excellent tools that make database development a fast and agile process.
  • MS SQL was first introduced in 1989 and it is continuously evolving by expanding its services with development offerings
  • It provides various editions which helps individuals and organization to manage licencing of software easily. The mainstream editions includes but not limited to Enterprise, Standard, Web, Developer and cloud based Microsoft Azure SQL Database.
  • Some of the powerful MS SQL services includes Database Replication Service, SQL Server Reporting Service, SQL Server Reporting Services and SQL Server Full Text Search Service.


Easy integration with Microsoft Operating systems


The interfCoding Union is very user-friendly


Great for development and implementation of data best practices and structures


Zero downtime and makes sure access to data is intact through comprehensive High Availability solutions


As part of our troubleshooting and database performance optimization services, developers quite often need to do query tuning and optimization. This is due to our extensive knowledge and use of the well established ANSI SQL language as well as specific Transact-SQL (T-SQL) constructs. Also, in case of the production databases, it can identify slow queries, optimize risk and side-effects.


One of the latest features include SQL Server Machine Learning services which operates within the SQL server instance allowing developers to easily use languages like R and Python.

Database Consulting

Database Consulting

Coding Union uses best practices to provide database development and remote database administration (DBA) services. Our Database Consulting team uses agile development best practices and jointly work with front-end and back-end developers for rapid data driven solution.

Custom Database Development

Custom Database Development

Coding Union has a team of highly talented and trained experts in custom database management and development. The team builds and designs database as per the individual customer needs.

Database Migration

Database Migration

Coding Union migration team has handled many complex database migration projects. Coding Union takes care of end-to-end migration process, from creating migration strategy, mapping various database objects and validating migration data.

Database Modelling & Design

Database Modelling & Design

When it comes to data, a wrong foundation leads to an enormous amount of lack of trust resulting into either rework or big losses later. Coding Union database modeling and design experts helps to avoid such situation by creating a complete data architecture road map by using best practices complying to industry standards.

Database Maintenance

Database Maintenance

Database Maintenance is one of the critical jobs. Databases needs to manage well and regularly updated. Coding Union provides end-to-end database maintenance and update services that includes but not limited to backup policy monitoring, performance tuning, log reviews, security audits, troubleshooting etc.