Service About NodeJS


What is Node.js?


Node.js is a technology used by JavaScript enthusiasts since 2010. For more than 10 years, Node.js has been empowering a wide range of businesses. For more than 10 years, it remains popular among devs across the globe. But what makes this technology so attractive for developers and businesses? Let’s figure this out.

Scalable and fast

Node.js solutions are known for their ability to multitask. They perform code execution at the highest pace. For businesses, such a benefit means outperforming the competition.

Allowing for microservices

Using Node.js, a development team divides the development into a series of microtasks called microservices. Everyone focuses on their piece of work, ensuring premium quality and reliability.

Satisfying high-traffic needs

Node.js increases app performance by 50. It is a big advantage for businesses that are planning to grow. By choosing this technology, you get at least 12 benefits, ensuring quick real-time response and high productivity.


The flexibility of Node.js makes it attractive for both startups and mature businesses. Famous companies like eBay or PayPal use Node.js powers to make their solutions relevant and effective.